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Welcome to our school! Moody Middle School is dedicated to providing an environment in which each individual can become the best he or she can be. In order to achieve these goals, students, faculty, and parents should support a positive, purposeful and orderly climate. We believe that all students should be provided with the opportunity to learn and individual differences should be accepted and provided for. The emotional, academic, and physical needs of the school community are highly valued. Teaching and learning are our first priorities at Moody Middle. Working together the staff, students and parents of Moody Middle strive to meet these expectations.

May 30th: Report Cards/Last Day of School

MMS Events
My Coke Rewards:Sign up and earn products and $ for MMS. Simply register and enter reward codes from Coke products you drink.

The MMS Gifted Classes are collecting pull tabs from cans for the Ronald McDonald House. Please send in any that you can between now and March, 2014. Thank you.

Box Tops for Education: We will be collecting Box Tops again this school year. This past year, we earned about $450 in Box Tops. Please visit Box Tops for Education at They offer bonus Box Tops as well as provide great recipes and family activities.

Campbell Soup Labels: We will also collect Campbell Soup labels. Please note, though, that Campbell's no longer accepts the front of the label. We must have the back with the bar code. By registering at labelsfor we can also win additional soup labels. Labels for Education has a summer collection sheet that will give us 200 points per sheet with only 5 attached labels. There is no limit on the number of sheets we can turn in.

Search Yahoo and Earn $ for MMS: You can earn money for MMS when you search the internet. Go to the GoodSearch web site, select MMS as the charity you wish to donate to, and search away.Please make sure to goodsearch for Moody Middle School in Moody, AL. There are 2 "MMS" schools registered with GoodSearch.

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